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The HossUSMC is silly

That is right the HossUSMC is indeed silly. What more proof do you need then this photo? Okay, whatever he is silly. But he does indeed have a great YouTube channel He brings all kinds of wonderful Content. Why not … Continue reading

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Put the cookie down Now!

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger tell you to put the cookie down! Or you can watch the entire 20 minute video below.

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Super Legend of Dr. Mundo, Carried The team.

This Game Mundo carried so hard he took the most damage and did the most damage.  You be warned he is hard core. Dr. Mundo had Over Powered Darius in his lane. Mundo may be out gunned in a 1v1. … Continue reading

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Teddie & Cledtus Hunter Safety

GlockBrothers are at it again! Talk about Hunter Safety. You can learn a lot from a dummy, make that two! Love the Glock Brothers. Tell me if you find this funny!

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