If I believe in the solution do I need to believe the problem?

If I believe in the solution do I need to believe the problem? If I agree we must save the town below by moving it out of the path of the river, then we don’t need to agree on the status of the damn. I can know the damn can break. You may think the damn will break next year. Should we spend the time arguing about the damn or take actions to move the town. Should we work with 10 levels of management trying to convince others the damn is broken. Or should we work one on one with other townsman to help them make the move from the low land of flood zone to a safer place.

Permaculture The Problem is the solution

It is the same with global warming or climate change. Can the climate change? Has the climate been changing since the dawn of the earth’s creation? All mankind can agree. Can we agree it is not good to breath car fumes? Can we agree to simple things? Is it wise to ship water in bottles from a place that has water shortages to every place of our convince? Take from Fiji to place these bottles all around us? In wasteful containers? We can make simple steps to save the planet. If you believe why do your actions not match your words?

We have public and private budgets all around us available to be used in taking care of parks, grass and common areas. Use those funds in productively oh making food. Understand and apply Permaculture principles. “The problem is the solution.” –Geoff Lawton. This not high mind hippie talk, but real solutions.

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