Orem city council and mayor is corrupt organization

Orem city council and mayor is corrupt organization. They have all been bought and paid for by Woodbury corporation. Orem city used public funds to benefit a private party. The city council has done a number of things such as poor miss management of funds getting involved in UTOPIA and then demanding that people pay more in taxes to fund a failed project. Orem city does not seek to serve but be served. And it is not just Orem city. Look around and dig deep. All cities are involved in something they should not be doing. Sadly corruption is in our cities and our states. Our very own Federal government is deeply corrupt. R or a D it does not matter. The puppet politician don’t put the people of their great state first but their party. There should be no doubt in your mind our Federal politicians are own by corporate elite. It is time to tare down their power by opting out of any taxes you can. Cheat the system the laws are unjust it is our duty to not obey unjust laws. It is time to be a political atheist. No politicians serve the people, they serve their corporate Master’s. It is time for radical thinking. Insurrection and revolution. The news media does NOTHING to inform but to divide us. They too are own by our corporate Masters. In the age of information how can we be so ignorant of the truth.

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