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Thoughts Community and Gun Crime

If a guy has a “license” or a permit than they are totally fine to carry no matter what they look like. Here is the most terrible thing. You see these documentaries about gangs and every single one of them … Continue reading

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Open Source Gun Blog is here!

What is Open source Gun? It is a new sight that is all about opening up the knowledge about guns. There is not going to be BS ninja tactics. Real honest stuff. Open Source Gun will need your help to … Continue reading

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Important to be Humble it will get you far

Be humble, if you are too prideful to listen to others or ask for help, you are going no where. If you are shooting all over and even off the paper that is 21 feet away and some is explaining … Continue reading

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Fantasy, Fiction and Reality

Zombie Tactics Breaks it down. He explains why we should not prepare for fantasy type things in our thinking. Zombie tactics username is a joking around. We can think about zombies taking over and make planes. but if bleach does … Continue reading

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You can’t depend on Security Guards

You can not depend on security guards for you personal protection. I have seen countless videos like this one. Security guards stand by and do nothing while someone gets beat down. Security are not police officers. Their job is to … Continue reading

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Snap caps a great Training tool with a video of Glockbrothers

Snap caps are a great Training tool. You can do lots of practice with them. They help you master your trigger Control. Build confidence in a new shooter. If some is afraid of guns snap caps help them get over … Continue reading

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