Super Legend of Dr. Mundo, Carried The team.

This Game Mundo carried so hard he took the most damage and did the most damage.  You be warned he is hard core. Dr. Mundo had Over Powered Darius in his lane. Mundo may be out gunned in a 1v1. But OP jackass only got him once early game.  Dat True damage man on his ult!  Our Leblanc was almost feeding. She gave up mid lane? who the hell does that? Jungle could have been more helpful bottom lane. He never came top. Darius pushed lane the entire time.



Why not double warmogs for a build? Mundo is all about life. He is fun. Just look at the stats man. Yea lux got pretty fed of some peoples.

This Tank Carried the team.  And he Tank shit too!

This Tank Carried the team. And he Tank shit too!

Alright look Leblanc did do 2k more damage to champions.  But come on man give me this one. Dr. Mundo Owned this game and was a Super Legend. Well at least i am a legend in my own mind. Here is an even better example of Carry Mundo.

10/4/15 again.

10/4/15 again.

42K damage to champs! 194K damage total damage. ADC are pretty broken. In Most games ADC don’t carry in damage.  ADC gets taken out too easy and tanks are left to pick up the kills (land the q and get the AOE damage going)and try and get turrets. I got 4 of them this round and help with all the others.

All that damage!

All that damage!

4 deaths this time tho. Some OP champs got fed early game while Mundo was farming stage. But not deaths late game.

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