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The 5 C’s of Survival, Dave Canterbury

What are the 5 C’s of Survival. I am talking about the letter “C” of the 5 “C” Of survival. If you into Bush craft Survival then you got to know Dave Canterbury and his pathfinder system as well from … Continue reading

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Fantasy, Fiction and Reality

Zombie Tactics Breaks it down. He explains why we should not prepare for fantasy type things in our thinking. Zombie tactics username is a joking around. We can think about zombies taking over and make planes. but if bleach does … Continue reading

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Survive the Fire

This is a great podcast from The Survival Podcast. The Podcast talksĀ about what to do about a house fire. Stuff to do before and after a Fire. This is a podcast that talks about all the ins and outs of … Continue reading

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The Survival Podcast Jack Spirko

Hey I wanted to make a quick post about a podcast I like to listen to. I wanted to share it here on my blog. It is called the Survival Podcast. Jack Spirko is the host of the show. He … Continue reading

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Some other Podcast

Podcast is the next best thing to radio. Some are just audio files of shows but there are also video files of podcast. This is a list of podcast i Subscribe too. The Adam Carolla podcast Carcast Daves of Thunder … Continue reading

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Paul Wheaton Blog and Podcast

Hey Check out Paul Wheaton blog. Paul Wheaton Blog He just started a podcast should be great! Paul Wheaton also has a great form called Permies And a place for articles called rich soils I found out about Paul Wheaton … Continue reading

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