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Great Videos about Gun Control

  Point of View on Gun Control Changed While Traveling   Gun Control? That’s Racist! (this is a great historical overview of the history of gun control)

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Lesbian Cops! Not what you think

Lesbian Cops is a YouTube Channel I just found out about. They had a Kick-starter for Season 2 that we missed. well Maybe you did not. Anyways. they have some videos and I watched them all. They ave very very … Continue reading

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The HossUSMC is silly

That is right the HossUSMC is indeed silly. What more proof do you need then this photo? Okay, whatever he is silly. But he does indeed have a great YouTube channel He brings all kinds of wonderful Content. Why not … Continue reading

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Some videos from the Glockman1727ak47

We got a few videos here for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for coming by and for watching. What Does this box of .22lr bullets mean   Range Targets, thoughts on S&W M&P, and an idea for ya.   More Targets … Continue reading

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Teddie & Cledtus Hunter Safety

GlockBrothers are at it again! Talk about Hunter Safety. You can learn a lot from a dummy, make that two! Love the Glock Brothers. Tell me if you find this funny!

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Why should you buy a Mosin Nagant?

Mosin are fun to shoot. They are a full power rifle round that is a lot cheaper to shoot than a standard American rifle round. Cheap gun, cheap bullets, give you a lot of trigger time for a lot less … Continue reading

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Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Live Free or Die

Bill Whittle is my new favorite guy and yes I may even have a little bit of a man crush going. Are we children or are we adults? Are we freemen or do others “know” better than us therefore they … Continue reading

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