Thoughts Community and Gun Crime

If a guy has a “license” or a permit than they are totally fine to carry no matter what they look like.

Here is the most terrible thing. You see these documentaries about gangs and every single one of them have a gun by illegal means. Meaning that one or many gun laws have been broken to get them. Thus the laws we have in place did not stop the criminal from getting a gun. We have 22,000 gun laws that many times fail to protect us.

We need to get rid of a lot of foolish gun laws and then have better enforcement of the laws we have. Police don’t even understand some of the laws. Then when Law enforcement does catch a criminal we need to prosecute that crime. Many times gun laws are broken the criminal is caught and then they are not prosecuted.

During the civil rights movement when government would fail to protect the rights of black people the black panthers carried guns for protecting themselves. Well evil and corrupt politicians did not like that “color folks” had guns, so we need to pass a law to stop them. So when we say that Gun control laws are racist that is what we are talking about.

Gun are not bad, guns are not the issue. The real problem is lack of community. In big cities like Chicago & LA have lots of extra gun laws and lots of crime. Where as out in the country small towns they have very loose gun laws and low crime. Loose gun laws is not the answer but strong communities is.

In Switzerland they have extra strong community. No one has need of anything. People help one another. In Switzerland many have full auto weapons in their homes.

How can we build better and stronger community? Thanks for reading. I hope this is what you wanted. I try to start a community garden but failed. I need to try again. I guess people are too busy.

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