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Put the cookie down Now!

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger tell you to put the cookie down! Or you can watch the entire 20 minute video below.

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Funny Picture from DinoDad32

Here is a funny picture of a redneck wedding with the old shotgun wedding. Pretty awesome skills in Photoshop. Did you enjoy this or see it. Comment or like or whatever it is you do. DinoDad32 YouTube

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Open Source Gun Blog is here!

What is Open source Gun? It is a new sight that is all about opening up the knowledge about guns. There is not going to be BS ninja tactics. Real honest stuff. Open Source Gun will need your help to … Continue reading

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Super Legend of Dr. Mundo, Carried The team.

This Game Mundo carried so hard he took the most damage and did the most damage.  You be warned he is hard core. Dr. Mundo had Over Powered Darius in his lane. Mundo may be out gunned in a 1v1. … Continue reading

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