Really Bloomberg? Cant get things right?

This is an official graphic posted by Bloomberg’s new “Everytown for Gun Safety” Facebook page.

BloomBerg is dumb everytown gun control lies

Do they really expect ANYBODY to take them seriously when they show an entire shell casing coming out of the end of a barrel? They REALLY do not understand guns. That’s as bad as the anti-gun “gun owner” in the TV ad where the guy had his finger on the trigger and was pointing his gun at kids. Unbelievable. We have a lack of gun education in this country. Open Source Gun is all about “Opening up and Sharing Gun Knowledge For All”

Video from Everytown

On videos like this they disable ratings and comments because the truth and facts are not on their side. They use fear and emotion to push their anti-gun agenda. We can pass a law that says all guns must be secure. But does that save every child? No. How do we enforce a law like this? We can’t. How about you teach and educate people that leaving loaded guns unlocked with children around is not safe. How about we teach children to learn about gun safety and what to do if a friend gets out a gun and plays with it. How about NRA Eddie Eagle could this be done better or another way? sure.

Video From the NRA, silly and it is for kids.

If you watched that now that song is stuck in your head, sorry about that. I like this version of the picture above better. pretty funny

Funny picture of how dumb is bloomberg.  Anti gun people need a gun education, they fear what they dont understand. Anti gun people need a gun education, they fear what they don’t understand. I have had an unreasonable fear of snakes, learning about them and what they can really do the fear goes away.

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The Change Up and Internship used the same location.

Here be the screen shots. Here is The Internship towards the beginning of the movie.
internship on the lake
Here we see the same place but at a party, The Change Up at the end of the movie
The movie Change up same place but with the party

Hope you like this fun factoid. These movies are both pretty funny. I did like the Internship better. I watched both of these movies pretty close to one another that is how i spotted them being at the same location.

funny clips  “Flashdance”

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Ron Wyden Warning before Snowden came out with the Truth

Short versions

Full Video down below.

The United States’ very own Senator Ron Wyden warned long before Edward Snowden about what it’s government is doing.(May 2011) It is too bad we cant listen and take action from these warnings. Senator Wyden explains we cant have two gap between what the law says and how the law is secretly interrupted.

What Senator Ron Wyden has to say:
“Mr. President the united states preparing to pass a another 4 year extension of the USA patriot act. I’ve served on the intelligence committee for over a decade. I want to deliver a warning this afternoon.

When the American people find out how their government has secretly interrupted the patriot act, they are gonna be stunned and they are going to be angry.

And there going to ask senators ‘ do you know what this law actual permits? why didn’t you know before you voted on it?’ The fact is anyone can read the plan text of the patriot act and yet many members of congress have no idea how the laws is being secretly interrupted by the executive branch because that interruption is classified. It is almost as if there are two  patriot acts, and many members of congress have not read the one that matters.

Our constituents of course are totally in the dark. Members of the public have no access to the secret legal interruptions, so they have no idea what their government believes the law  actual means.
But the law itself must always be public. Government official must not fall into the trap of secretly reinterpreting the law in a way that creates a gap between what the public believes the laws says and what the government secretly claims it says. Anytime that happens seems to me there is going to be a violation of the public trust. furthermore allowing a gap of this nature to develop is simply short sided. Both history and logic should make it clear, and that is why i brought these examples to the floor of the senate today.

Secret interruptions of the law will not say secret forever and in fact come to light pretty quickly. When the public eventually finds out that government agencies have rewriting surveillance laws in secret the result as i have demonstrated invariably a backlash and a erosion of public confidence in these government agencies.”


Full Video of Ron Wyden warning

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Best Deal on ROTHCO – Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket $74

James Yeager gives some good thoughts and review of it. (has real things to say vs all positive all the time like others) Got to love the thumbnail on this Yeager looks high. lol.

Whats your take? comment below.  Get it here on amazon with free shipping for only $74. the jacket is only $94 for xxx-large.  I think i may pick one up at that price. On Rothco website it is $114

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Super Support Leona

What can i say? I am amazing. I did really well this round. Not that i am the best or do this well all the time. Lets just say I carried and lead our team to victory. My team  was following me mostly and going with my calls. A few times they would break away. Also going into save them when the got caught out. I got them out alive but failed to save me. Look at the stats that’s why you want me Leona the super support. Super support Leona with mad skillsThat’s Right.  40 assist on 62 kills meaning I took part in 2/3 of all the kills of the entire round. And i only KS a few times. Got my Jinx fed. She was new with only 66 wins under her belt so even tho she was far ahead she got scared at times. when she could have turned and melted people. Super support Leona with mad skills Game stats and skills and runes

The 4 man Teleport was pretty wild. Monster wave at bot lane they ended up turning the tide of the game getting 2 towers. It stalled things out and we came right back. Pretty cool played made by the Premade. Their Blitz did not do a lot for them. Thanks for reading. Come Play a game with me. Honestly I’ll play one free with ya.

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Lesbian Cops! Not what you think

Lesbian Cops is a YouTube Channel I just found out about. They had a Kick-starter for Season 2 that we missed. well Maybe you did not. Anyways. they have some videos and I watched them all. They ave very very funny. Yes I would say it is NSFW. but It is YouTube. Yes the content would be rated R for violence and language. Yea I watched all the Lesbian cops in one night… I am fan what Can I say. This is Great Cop Drama.

YouTube Page of Lesbian Cops

Here a link to the YouTube channel

His is the Red Band Trailer. Lesbian Cops

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Watching Arnold Schwarzenegger

He has a YouTube channel and I have been watching. Watching a lot. Arnold is very funny. Got to love the man and the Movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger YouTube channel

Arnold Schwarzenegger YouTube Channel

one of my very favorite videos of his. Warning this is very Funny!

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