Really Bloomberg? Cant get things right?

This is an official graphic posted by Bloomberg’s new “Everytown for Gun Safety” Facebook page.

BloomBerg is dumb everytown gun control lies

Do they really expect ANYBODY to take them seriously when they show an entire shell casing coming out of the end of a barrel? They REALLY do not understand guns. That’s as bad as the anti-gun “gun owner” in the TV ad where the guy had his finger on the trigger and was pointing his gun at kids. Unbelievable. We have a lack of gun education in this country. Open Source Gun is all about “Opening up and Sharing Gun Knowledge For All”

Video from Everytown

On videos like this they disable ratings and comments because the truth and facts are not on their side. They use fear and emotion to push their anti-gun agenda. We can pass a law that says all guns must be secure. But does that save every child? No. How do we enforce a law like this? We can’t. How about you teach and educate people that leaving loaded guns unlocked with children around is not safe. How about we teach children to learn about gun safety and what to do if a friend gets out a gun and plays with it. How about NRA Eddie Eagle could this be done better or another way? sure.

Video From the NRA, silly and it is for kids.

If you watched that now that song is stuck in your head, sorry about that. I like this version of the picture above better. pretty funny

Funny picture of how dumb is bloomberg.  Anti gun people need a gun education, they fear what they dont understand. Anti gun people need a gun education, they fear what they don’t understand. I have had an unreasonable fear of snakes, learning about them and what they can really do the fear goes away.

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