Super Support Leona

What can i say? I am amazing. I did really well this round. Not that i am the best or do this well all the time. Lets just say I carried and lead our team to victory. My team  was following me mostly and going with my calls. A few times they would break away. Also going into save them when the got caught out. I got them out alive but failed to save me. Look at the stats that’s why you want me Leona the super support. Super support Leona with mad skillsThat’s Right.  40 assist on 62 kills meaning I took part in 2/3 of all the kills of the entire round. And i only KS a few times. Got my Jinx fed. She was new with only 66 wins under her belt so even tho she was far ahead she got scared at times. when she could have turned and melted people. Super support Leona with mad skills Game stats and skills and runes

The 4 man Teleport was pretty wild. Monster wave at bot lane they ended up turning the tide of the game getting 2 towers. It stalled things out and we came right back. Pretty cool played made by the Premade. Their Blitz did not do a lot for them. Thanks for reading. Come Play a game with me. Honestly I’ll play one free with ya.

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