Negativity and the Toxic Community

I am talking about the negativity and the toxic community of the game league of legends. The only reason I continue to play this game is because it is a team game with friends that you work together to achieve small goals in game that lead to a victory.  Focusing on Objectives to lead to victory.

When my friends are negative and start saying “gg” & “there is no way we can win”(at first blood or a minor mistake) that negative bring down the entire team. Not listening, Trolling your teammates. Calling them out on every move. Also these teammates will trash talk each other calling them bad, starts out in good fun.  Another time we were playing bots(playing bots to train a level 3 guy training him, plus you cant pvp until level 5 now) and we could not even work together to get dragon. No one wanted to come help. They would be directly asked and would continue to do their own thing. Playing only for yourself in a team game is bad. Play with the team and help others out. Secure buffs for each other. In general talking others down is lame. I don’t want any part in negativity and being around people who trash talk. I suggest you do the same cut off ties with those that our negative and bring you down. Be it in a game or life. People telling you that “your no good”, “you’ll never…” don’t listen to that.

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