Wendy’s Downfall

Limited time! I must buy now! No, not really...

Limited time! I must buy now! No, not really…

Yep, it is happening Wendy’s long downfall. I had the Bacon Portabella Melt on brioche bun. You could not even taste the mushrooms. the bacon was hard and salty. I love salty bacon. this was over the top for me. The bun was good the meat was good. I honestly did like the tasty bun.

looks good, wish mine looked like this

looks good, wish mine tasted half as good as it looks

Since Dave died, Wendy’s has gone downhill in a major way. It all started with  the evil of raising the Jr. Bacon to 1.30 back to 99 and now back over a buck. The last three times Wendy’s has been terrible. I had one of their other promo burgers and it was very unsatisfactory. The other times I went I got the Jr Bacon burger and it was not the same as when Dave was around. We miss you Dave.

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