The News is Evil

Yes, the news might as well be the great Satan, the antichrist. Now that I got your attention, let me explain. The news was meant to inform, now the news is used to divide people, and confirm a bias rather than open the mind to new ideas, and inform people about what is going on in the world. We can see that both sides use emotion to get you angry and upset. Angry people equals viewership which is more money from sponsors. How much do they do investigative pieces vs commentary/opinion pieces? Opinion shows dominate the news. The news networks want a post-apocalyptic world because there would be lots of news. The news media would do everything they can to bring down society and be a sure check on never getting to any kind of utopia. From using tools of class-warfare to just straight lies of non information this is our news media.

I have no idea who this is. But he says he is the antichrist

First of Bill O’Reilly what a scum bag. This guy is a no talent ass clown. Stop giving him your money. This man claims to understand the issues and makes mistakes, gives out misinformation right on the air. Then next night they run a “ i was wrong what i meant to say was blah blah blah…”. They keep on Bill O’Reilly and fire the Keith Olbermann, Glen Beck, and Judge Napolitano. Did these anchors hit to close to home? Judge Napolitano message talks about some real issues facing our world and it got him shit canned? Dylan Ratigan either got fired or left because of his rant about congress being bought. The news can’t allow these real dudes on air. The news media itself could very well be owned by the corporate elite just like congress is. Just say “There may very well may be corporate money influencing these law makers” and a news anchor could lose their job.

You may think that the major news networks is trying to do the right thing and inform you but you would be wrong. Honestly when is the last time you saw something where the news really investigated something? There is no other side of the argument. All the evidence is too strong to have a view that the news is good.

What can we do? First, stop watching, stop making them relevant. Start getting your news from alternative media. View difference sources.  Sign up for updates from great sources like Ben Swann. He is a great investigative journalist who left from the major news network that was trying to hold him down. is a great place to start. Find some others, sign up and support them.

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