Sometimes the internet is full of shit

There are indeed a lot of trolls, malicious hackers, spammer, and even paid for reviews. Spot them with their crappy reviews and lack of post. Also these blogs may be using black hat tactics in search engine optimization. Don’t feed the trolls. Keep your info Private, don’t use the same password for all your accounts. Standard web safety stuff. People get the internet in a variety of ways, Desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet and even phones.There is many different kinds of content. Blogs, videos with closed captions. Even blind people that use and access the web.  Responsive Web design with user testing solves these needs. Content needs to be served up different upon device and user. We should not fit people into a one size fits none wardrobe.

Is the information real that we find on the Internet? Well you need to be the judge. For instance China employee people full time to change public opinion. China’s spin net as it is called. The Spin Net looks on blogs and forms and post comments to negate anything bad. Mostly they use it to make the Chinese people think the Chinese government is good.  China does a lot hacking and filtering the web. A lot of western think that if China had the  internet than their governments would change. Same with the former USSR that it would change things if we could go back in time. Hard to image a USSR in the 21st century blocking people from using the Internet and remaining relevant as a global power. Because China has the spin net things don’t change. I feel that the Internet should not be filter. The Internet should be clear and open for all.



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