More access to the all powerful internet is needed

People need to be able to get on the internet. It needs to be open. Many places have WiFi such as Starbucks. We need to go beyond WiFi. to where people can have access for a very low cost. paying for a phone and then paying for each device to connect cost way too much for the average consumer. also the speeds are no where need what is needed for the content that is on the web. Google Fiber is doing wide area networks. Google’s Chromebooks run off the connecting to the internet. Infact this paper was written on Google Drive. My content is no longer local to one machine but any where there is internet access i can access my file. This is part of that power. The Future may very well be skinny clients where your files are store on some cloud software like Google Drive and you sign in to get all your stuff. I like my hard drive, but these netbooks/Chromebooks are becoming more popular.


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