Driving safe on the highway.

15 Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) officer were injured in the first 3 months of the winter in Utah. You need to get out of the right lane and move over. You may or may not know this but when a police are on the side of the road it is the law that you move over into the other lane. Please move over. We need to have it in our heads that you should move over. Also why not move over for others on the road. When someone is on the side of the freeway move over into the other lane. You’ve seen countless videos of accidents on the freeways from dash cams. By our actions we can ends this.  We do need to make it a law we need it in our heads every time we drive until deep down in our subconscious and it is one of our mores we all follow. Slow down move over. Also don’t text and drive just as well don’t drink and drive. It does not matter what the distraction is such as the radio. Just be careful out there and give yourself extra time to get to places.

I think KSL kind of misses the point on this video.

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