Immigration, what is the deal?

—Author note: this was written a some months ago and never published until now. —

One cannot simply say I am for… or I am against… immigration. There are many different angles that need to be handle.

The “Canadian” Border needs to be fixed. The “crime” needs to stop. It is worth our effort to do so.

The Government is incompetent. They Fail in so many areas. The Government is wrong in the way they handle immigration to this country. It should not be so hard. “if you need a blue form before the green form unless you have a red from with a g form” Green from blue form this is silliness, and proves governments incompetents

The “coyotes” or those that charge a huge sum of money to bring immigrants here illegally. The “coyotes” treat them poorly and sometimes abandon them in the desert to die with no water or food. They also put 40 people crammed into a shipping container with little water/food or NO water or food. The journey is very hard on them. We really need to stop this from happening. They come here for a better life and that is why they are willing to risk it. But I want them to come legally with a job. To be paid what they are worth. we must stop the “coyotes” or whatever you want to call these evil doers.

It is wrong to pay an Irishmen 10 cents a day. In the past it was said ” well he is “Irish”and we don’t need to pay him what he is worth”
That is wrong  to exploit any person base on nationality, race, sex, sexual preference, hair color, skin tone, age, height, economic background, and anything else that is discriminate.  It is sad we don’t know how food and products get to us. We very well maybe exploiting people around the world and not even know it. Lets do what we can to not exploit others. (Grow your own food. buy local) Business that hire illegal immigrants and pay them unfair wages is wrong. Lets do what we can to not take advantage of others like this.

It is not racism to say we need to focus on the Mexican boarder. We need to stop all Criminal activity on all borders.

We need to stop all drugs from coming in. This means we need to shut the borders not and not allow any one to come in illegally. If any one can just walk in what is to stop Drug dealers/terrorist/other bad guy we need to fear. We are at “war”.(War on terror, War on Drugs. and both have other major issues that need to be dealt with)

If you come here to work? then lets work together. lets get paid fairly.
How can we deny a man who wants to pursue liberty and happiness.
You already have the right to work and pursue liberty and happiness. It is wrong of Governments to deny you this right. The U.S. Constitution is to guarantee/protect that right. The Constitution does not give you that right but is suppose to protect those rights. The Government fails to implement this.

Those Protecting our borders need to be better Protected. They risk their lives to protect us. They need to have every tool available in order to make sure that they come home safe at the end of the day. We declared war on drugs. If it is to be war then so be. If we know where know drugs our Bomb them. Use B-52 with 70,000 pound of munitions and bomb them. Wipe them off the face of the Earth. Do what we can.(Maybe we can win the war by ending them? but that is not the plan of our Government it is to never end and never be won on both war on terror or war on drugs) Maybe a B-52 is not the best solution for all problems. “We have hammers for nails. Not every problem is a nail. We need to make all tools available and use the right one” If you have worked on anything with the wrong tools and know about the right tools it is painful to continue to work with the wrong tool. Make the tools available to law enforcement. So that our law enforcement agency are better protected so they can protect us. Border patrol is no small task. Lets give them a hand and the tools they need.

We need to stop Social Security theft. It is a real problem. I had no idea that it has gotten so far out of hand. Those that are victims are powerless to stop those that are using their Social Security number. Once again this show how the government is incompetent and fails to protect our (ssn)

I love my nation. I am Proud to be an American. I am not proud of our government of today(said a lot longer ago). I want us to go back to the ideas of liberty. Let us be free to act. Free to work pursue liberty. Not have to pay a tax on everything to King George or our out of control big government!

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