Business Catalyst a Content Management System

Business Catalyst is in fact a Content Management System that you must pay for. It is support From Adobe. It is suppose to be the Cadillac of Content Management System. but it does have some issues with adding and setting things up. On setting up a  demo website it crashed on me and a few others had the same issue while setting things up with Business Catalyst. Setting up a secure zone or secure contented the Menus failed then the entire Dashboard would stop working. Business Catalyst is good but may have some issues. WordPress (<– Hey thats where we are at on the INTERNET!) has some funny quirky things about it. But all great software has quirky stuff. WordPress has a very great Community. Community makes things great. Just look at Mozilla Foundation. Here are some screen shots of the errors with Business CatalystWTFcrashingdashboardCrashThere should be info being displayed in the white boxes but nothing showing up. sad sad.  I am a big fan of Open Source and community.

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