Comcast or now Xfinity suck.

Comcast / Xfinity is terrible internet service provider. They screw people on bills. Their employees are not paid enough money and then you get crappy service. The worst of all is you pay for 100mbps and do you get it? Nope you don’t. Your ping/latency spikes from 17 to 50 to 5000! yep you are dead in the game. too much lag.

Slow slow speeds of ComcastIt may say a ping of 23ms but it only goes up from there. The Servers have been so slow that the Test won’t even go. yet you pay for 100mpbs. I could see getting at least 95% of what you pay for. but less than that they are ripping you off. Comcast speeds always slow down after you have been on for a while. I have seen the things slow down as you have been online for awhile. I truly do believe they use software to slows down your speed. The only crazy thing about Comcast/Xfinity is they are a crazy ripoff and not their speed. I have had Comcast / Xfinity employees lie to me, and others show up late miss appointments and they you have to ask/beg for the refund/credit on the account. Your future will be awesome with another Internet provider so don’t call Comcast today.

Here is a video of what happens with your ping goes from the 50 to 500 or even 5000

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2 Responses to Comcast or now Xfinity suck.

  1. ComcastMark says:

    Hi there – I was wondering if you are still experiencing troubles with your Comcast service. If you need help, please feel free to contact us at the email provided below. Please include your info and a link to this page for reference. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

    National Customer Operations,com

    • Show your boss this message: Your company is going to be shit until you stop screwing people over. Customers put up money and you don’t deliver on promises, when you failed to keep promises they become shit promises and then your company becomes shit and that is where you are. Don’t piss down our back and tell us it is rain. simply deliver on your promises.

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