Bill O’Reilly and AK-15’s

According to Bill O’Reilly there are AK-15. This guy claims to be a gun person and says something like that? Take Bill off the air. He is a jackass.

This is NOT real

This is NOT real

“Over the break they told me how much of an ass I am so let me run this correction I know the difference”. The news media sucks. The news is just as corrupt as our politicians.

I am a fool

I am a fool

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1 Response to Bill O’Reilly and AK-15’s

  1. I certainly understand the desire to correct people over incorrect usage of terminology and nomenclature that is commonly accepted, whether they be legal terms, or simply accepted jargon or slang within the gun community. However, I find this to be mostly fruitless and counterproductive in the long run, seeing as there are so many other targets of opportunity (pun intended) in the current debate over the 2A, and the current gun-scare/gun-grab that is being discussed in the highest levels of government within these United States.

    To steal a popular saying, “you catch more flies with honey”. While this can have a multitude of meanings, there is one that you can easily take away. You get a hell of a lot further in this world by being nice, or at least appearing to be so. Don’t fall into the trap of being a James Yeager of the bunch, and further alienating people from your cause. People like him talk about helping the cause, yet he has single handedly given copious amounts of ammo to the opposition, hurt his own cause, and even himself when he lost his right to carry a concealed firearm b/c of his near psychotic rant which landed him in the national spotlight and debate.

    My not so humble opinion…. The next time someone calls a weapon by the wrong name, or calls a magazine a clip, etc. Simply be nice to them, and gently educate them as to what is correct and what isn’t. And even more importantly, determine whether or not it adds or takes away from the discussion in the first place. Do you ever text with slang? Ever use improper English or slang while speaking to someone? Ever use poor grammar? Do you want someone to shut you down, interrupt you, call you a moron, and correct you on the spot each and every time you do it? And if they did, would that in any way really have any relevance to the topic at hand?

    Anyway, just my thoughts. For the record (not that it matters), I am very pro 2A. I have spent my life (from the time I was 19) in professions of arms, from military to law enforcement, to government contractor. I have nothing but respect for firearms, the inherent rights of the American Citizen, and the responsibilities that come with being said citizen.

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