Bullying me to agree about bullying. Huh?

This website is about stopping bullying. Yet the designers of it are bullying the users of the website to agree with them with non-stop pop up windows. They are doing what they are trying to stop. Am i wrong here? Am I going to be bullied now because I don’t agree with them?

I must agree before I see any of the content?

I must agree before I see any of the content?

Another example in the image below. crap that goes around on your Facespace.

Wow! Really?

Wow! Really?

Yea so telling me I must re-post your image otherwise I don’t have a heart? This is bullying. I was bullied in school. This bullying others to stop bullying is suppose to work? Making everyone into assholes. How about we stop judging and just love each other. Stop being assholes and shitting on everything in life. “You are a villain if you don’t agree with me? ” that is a shitty attitude. Be nice. Be kind.

South Park explains it all in this video

update here is another picture telling me i don’t have a heart. Who the hell writes this stupid shit? This was posted on Facebook 3/6/2013. So lame How the hell does re-posting help stop child abuse. Why not say “report child abuse” or  “stop child abuse” rather than bullying me to re-post this because I agree with you.

bullying images

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