Trolls and Anti-gun People

We have had more stupid Nutnfancy Trolls come by and down vote a video than all the anti gun people. You Fucking trolls need to get a life and stop hatting on everything. The Nutnfancy video has 5k views vs the Swiss video has 20K views. Coming by and spewing hateful shit. These people who shit on everything and everyone are asshole. Please stop hating. If you don’t like someone or something stop watching it on YouTube.  Shitty blog post stop reading it. That is the great part about new media you are in control. Stop shitty!

ah hell there are 2 more that hate the gun control video than nutnfancy video. Remember tho there have been thousand of more view and hundreds of liberal hippie douches that came by and said “guns are bad” “guns are evil” It is the lack of community is the problem here in America. Here is a great clip from Team America. Just watch it.

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