Operation Z with Chris Costa Review

Attacks continue on amazon calling me a conspiracy nut to believe that bots and people post fake reviews. This is my Review of Operation Z with Chris Costa on the DVD. Well the DVD is garbage and I feel ripped off. I feel like i was taken advantage of. This was horrible and it put me to sleep.  I want to hear you thoughts on the video. Lugdunum Studios messed up mixing Zombies with Chris Costa. Not sure how they did it but they did. This thing should have been Epic like the Magpul DVD’s. What a load of shit. I have received so much hate on amazon for my review there.  Why am I getting so many down votes? What a load of crap. I have done my part to let others know.

update 12/10/2012: The insults and harassment continues. This goes to show that there product is garbage. “it is just for fun” is a common thing that keeps being said.  By fun do they mean shitty quality?


more nasty.

more nasty

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1 Response to Operation Z with Chris Costa Review

  1. Sarah K says:

    Your entire video and review is 100% correct. I wish more people could see this so they aren’t wasting their money. And it is just the people who work for them posting the reviews. Believe me, they are not paying people extra to post comments or reviews. Hopefully you don’t get hassled by them too much.

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