Nerf Darius Already! Again please!

Darius puts out way to much damage for how tanky he is. These new champs throw off the balance of league. Attack Damage Carries become worthless because champs like Rengar can melt them in two hit with a q. Same with B.S. DARRRIUSSS.  Darius is bull crap. He is a real dick in lane. This whole true damage is a load of poo too.  take a look at this game and look at these Stats. nerf darius, he puts out massive damage and he is tanky
Put out just as much damage as the carry does and look at his hybrid build .nerf Darius, look at this build

here is a another game.  here be the damage stats once again almost as much as Teemo and flora. They lost this game. I did nothing to help. I played worthless support. hard to do much with no gold. I really had no chance to farm.

Darius DamageAnd here is the tanky build pretty much.

!Darius Build pretty tanky.
And yet here is another game! This is So infuriating! FFS Roit Nerf this Asshole already! Get it together league of legends!

Darius is way over powered

KS Darius! for the win!

The same amount of damage as all the carries. I am done playing league with this kind of shit!

fucking bullshit Darius puts out same amount of damage as carrys


Am I wrong here? What is this? Fighters are not carries. They should not put out as much damage as a carry. His ult is total B.S. The carries have become worthless in the League. What happened to a carry carrying the game?  even more pictures.

Check out these stats. This guy sucks and yet he can get kills with this op champ.

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2 Responses to Nerf Darius Already! Again please!

  1. Happi says:

    Damn straight.

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