Team falls apart in league of legends.

Yep it was bad team. things fell apart. I am not really sure what went on. My team would 1v5 the other team. That is false but too many times people went in when they should have backed out. Yes even I did this. I was taking them on 2 of them, owning them with my team behind me and I was taking damage then my team was bailed and the rest of the enemy team showed up boom! I was dead. While I was being focused we could have won that team fight. Some of us had far too many deaths feeding if you will. Our Jungle would wait until the other two would back away from the tower while I was holding on. Then he would come in at half life while the Enemy champs would have full life. he would get melted and I told him to back out many times and yet he came in.  Blame the jungle I say.(it is always easy to blame the jungle)<–read this wonderful post
bad team so blame the jungle?
I said in the comments “15 deaths!” I feel that everyone was dying too much. Orianna got pissed. “Mundo is easy” Orianna is hard!(<-which i have to agree) Even when I am the Attack damage Carry(ADC) I don’t die that much. Even when our team is getting gang bang harder than an out of work old age pornstar I still don’t die that much. I am a pussy that way. As a ADC you got to be a pussy. Orianna did have some nice saves. But ya got owned middle lane. Tank you go in and have funny. just harass the enemy team take the damage while the ADC get in the right place and gets the kills and lets hope the ADC kill steals all day. their is a lot of pressure on the ADC and you get focused like a mother trucker. Thus not so fun.

crap team Dr. Mundo puts out the most damage and takes the most damage
Look at all the damage I put out 108k not at all behind our carry and the damage I took was 44kk and only died 3 times. I love playing Dr. Mundo because he is fun. He may not be the hardest champ but what the hells point of sucking with a hard champ and dying a lot? Can that = fun? Am I playing league wrong? Is it ever okay to die a lot? Explain. thoughts.

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