Food Review Carl’s Jr Memphis bbq Burger and a taco.

sexy picutre of girls eating the Are you turned on yet? yea that is sexy. The Burger was really good I had it today. It was Mighty Mighty Tasty. It was really good. I will get it again.  Why not give it a try. And Get 50% off with you tell them Big Lew sent you.

The Taco Bell Doritos taco review would be this. it sucked. it was nasty. tasted like Doritos chip with a crappy taco stuff on it. I bet if it was home made it would be good. I don’t mind taco bell but the Locos taco is nasty. If you have seen me on my YouTube page you would know I eat just about anything.

Sorry if this is not your taste. <<- – get it?!?!? This blog is for my random thoughts and maybe I can help you out. Here is a video of the Carl’s Jr ad.

“Houston we have a boner” David Feeney From the Daves of Thunder Podcast

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