Where is the Love?

The Internet is full of disrespectful assholes. why? where is the love? Why cant we be nice? Why cant we have a little respect for each other? There is not a need to be a dick. No need to have trolling.
a picture of where is the love question mark?I have not always been nice and respectful. But it is something we lack in a major way. I will try to be a little nicer a little kinder. Have some Charity in my life.  Sometimes your having a bad day, but you need to be nice.

Now is there still going to be bad people in the world that want to harm you after watching this wonderful video? Sadly yes there is. Still your job to protect yourself. There are people out there that you don’t wont to hang out with? Yes. You can never have too many friends. But sometimes you are better off not associated or working with some people. Larry David’s Mother says “you be nice Larry” Even when you know this person is an asshole. Yes there is a time and Place to say “fuck off dude we are done here”. That is not the message today tho. Show some love and be respectful.


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