league of legends Kill Stealing Dr. Mundo.

I have been Playing the good Doctor Mundo. Yes Dr. Mundo. I played a round where I kept on kill stealing. I went legendary.  9/0/3. I would of had more assist but they other team surrender at 20 minutes in. So sad when you are having a good game.  I really enjoy playing Dr. Mundo. I played a ranked game where I had some more Kill Stealing(KS).(this is never a good thing to take a kill from the carry or anyone else, Tanks don’t need the kills give them to the carry) 89 -88 not a bad win ratio. These are my best games so far. I may have gone legendary no more than 5 times. I am not that great of a player. I am very new to league of legends and have a lot to learn. league of legends Dr Mundo. winner stats.

I played a ranked game where I had some more Kill Stealing(KS) I have played a total of 5 ranked games. I was all over with my build. league of legends ranked game.Message to the league of legends community stop think you are so cool because you get a kill and can talk trash. Stop thinking you are cool because you can get kills with over powered new champs. There are a lot of douche bags who do not play as a team. You are lame stop playing league. (Darius Xin Rengar as of when posted)

Update even more Pictures

another KS Dr. Mundo game.

as of right now League has been having a lot of issues. I have not had a chance to play ranked games. I am at rank 1115 with 3 W and 5 L. yep solid 1115 when you start at 1200! yea i am a little low. Oh well. Miss Fortune was super fed and sold all the items. it is fun to do that. it mess you up to think hey what items did they have. And now even More KS Mundo. yet another game stats round of league of legends. Only Nasus took more damage than me and he died 16 times. I put out more damage than our carry Ezreal(that should never happen, either he sucked or i was doing really good, I do land my Q’s a lot. It is really hard to carry a game. I would recall Ezreal doing fine. placement in team fight must have been good.) . I earned the most gold by 30 gold. we were all in the 11K range tho. I got to stop playing Mundo. but he is too much fun. Tanking is the best with mundo. He really does not put out that much damage. but he kinda does. I should try Attack  Damage build.


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