League of Legends And the legendary Lux

Yep I have been playing the league of legends! I have gone legendary. league of legends is free. There are a lot of updates and there is a lot of data that needs to be stored on your computer. Playing this game can make you very upset at times.(yes rage!) here is my legendary Lux picture.

Score Screen of  lendary LUX with Glockman1727

8/0/10 not bad

If you play or want to play with me let me know.(glockman1727) I am as of now 78 wins 76 loses. I am now a level 30. Not a lot of wins. But I have been playing a lot over summer School is starting. I have not been working on my new blog. been lazy. Playing way too much League. Oh well. Thanks for reading. Also another game here for ya. Kennen was talking trash too. He sucked in lane vs me.



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This is my blog for all things Glockman1727ak47. I will share links to things that interests me. So check it out.
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