Passion vs isum.

Thoughts and ramblings.

I condone Freedom and liberty. We should be passionate about being free. We don’t have a free system today. We have more of a fascism system then a capitalist system.

Capitalism does work, it does not work when you have so many laws and regulations that keep people from being able to make money.

I hope we are all agreement that it is wrong for a officer to ask a little girl or boy to see their food handlers permit when they are selling lemonade on a stand in their front yard. Every kid should have a lemonade stand, it helps children to learn the real value of money.

What is wrong with having passion and a belief in something?

The Governments has failed us. City, state, federal governments are in deep debt. They have pass laws that restrict personal liberty. Governments have failed to protect our rights. Governments have failed to protect the environment.  All these government agencies have been create for the peoples benefit when they have done nothing to improve our lives but rob us of liberty and wealth through taxes. The EPA is a failure to protect the Chesapeake bay and protect business. Solutions won’t come through government. Government allowed the Chesapeake bay to be destroyed allowing one business over another.

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