Should Government leaders live in fear of the people.

Should Government leaders live in fear of the people. Yes, they should. Congress approval ratings are at an all time low. The people of the United States are unhappy with their government. How do we fix this? Please comment below.
republican elephant and demarcate donkey
First of all the Government is a representation of it’s people. Meaning it is our fault the way it is. We should not vote just to say “we voted.” We need to get involved and find out who we are really voting for. We Should not just vote for a republican or just vote or a demarcate.  Nor should we vote for 3rd party person every time. We need to care more about who is in office then what the Kardashians are doing.  Please stop giving them money. We should get involved and voting in every level of government.  Please be educated about who you vote for. “he sounds good… she looks good” is not what we should be voting on. If we change our voting behavior we can change who is in office.

Kardashians, 3 TV shows, 65 million in a year, WHY!?!?!

We need term limits and shorter terms. No more 6 year terms. How about 2 years at the most. We the people need to vote more often. We need to know the record and then keep them in or vote them out of office. We need term limits. 36 years Orrin Hatch has been in office. That is way too long. It is our fault for keeping Hatch in. We need to vote him out.

We need to end the money being giving out. Why do they need so much money? Can’t we  view them through the news papers and Youtube. Have a few debates, see their voting record.  (Side note: Bills should be one page long written so people can understand them. There should be cost of how much this bill being passed will cost.) I would even be happy if  each candidates wrote a paragraph on why this bill was good or bad, and why they voted the way they did. Then we the people can know better how our representative did in representing us.

we need to talk

Hey look at that, they are talking!

We need to be talking about this stuff. Why are we not talking about it? We need to be concerned with this stuff. What else can we do?  Thanks for reading I would love to hear from you, please comment.

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