Endorse Ron Paul

I watched this video, and you should too. I endorse Ron Paul. Do you?

This is A comment I saw. ” Ron Paul if you want more Homeless, worse Education and people making 1.00 an hour.

Then I asked? ” How does this happen with Ron Paul? ” he said ”

@glockman1727ak47 Because Ron Paul actually said He would get rid of HUD, Department of Education. He also says he would get rid of minimum wage. This probably wouldn’t happen, because Congress wouldn’t pass this stuff, but we don’t want a president that would want this stuff. ”

Then I said ”  Getting rid of DOE(Department of Education) would be a good thing. Tax dollars are wasted by the DOE. We need the money in the schools at city levels we don’t need a big federal board to tell us how are children should be taught. The School suck now. What ever the DOE is doing is not working. What good has the federal government done for education or to protect the environment?

Public Schools are failures. They tie up the good teachers with rules and restrictions where they cannot help the children to learn.  Public school keep on bad teacher and move them from school to school because they have their tenure.

Public school answer to no one. When you take a child out of school they don’t care. they still get tax money for each child in the area. Private school answer to you. Private schools teach your child better. Private school are affordable, we pay so much in taxes all for it to be wasted with administrator. What we are doing now is not working. Let the local people agree how we want our education not the federal Government. In Texas it is as much as 15,000 per student.

Getting rid of minimum wage will not make people poor. Increasing minimum wage only inflates the cost of things. Not that I eat Mc Donald’s but the average cost of  a combo meal follows the minimum wage. If a company says will pay you 4 dollars an hour you find another job. (I think we need to stay away for nasty fast food, but we don’t need more laws more regulation and taxes on fast food and soda)

If we slowly lowered minimum wage it would not hurt us. market demand will fix these issues. Have you ever ran a business or dealt with public education? My experiences have made me see things this way. I would like to hear more from you why you feel this way. Please do share your thoughts with me. Also sorry if it sounds like I have not really explained things.

We disagree on a few things. But We can agree that 15 Trillion dollars of debt is not a good thing. We need to balance the budget. End the Fed. Who do you like for president?

He never replied back…  Thanks for reading my blog. Really look into Ron Paul Please

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