Orrin Hatch has got to Go! go now!

Orrin Hatch has been in office way too long. 36 years this guy has been in office. This guy is a Rhino and he has got to go. Senator Hatch has has got to go he does not represent us.  How long has your guy been in office? Time to clean house. Fire them right away, fire him in the primaries. All levels of government we need to vote. We need Term limits. 36 years, really guy! This video explains some interesting things about Orrin Hatch

a picture of the We the people US constitution

Why are we allowing this to be destroyed?

If politics is not your thing it needs to become your thing. It is time we get involved. We can’t just be island’s and not get involved.  I am not saying get up into peoples business.  We need to stand as a cause for good. I like guns, I like to play with them. But our rights on all accounts are being taking from us. That is why we must act now.  The patriot act is wrong.  Hatch has voted to keep and pass the patriot act. We now have laws can to detain US citizens suspected “terrorist”  indefinitely. What is happening to the Constitution?!?!?! “why aren’t we even talking about this, how have things changed so much that we don’t even talk about it” as Dan Carlin would say. “We should asked about every law:   Is this even Constitutional for them to do this?” as Jack Spirko would say from the Survival Podcast. Watch the first 45 seconds of  this or you can watch it all.

I am not a fan at all of Feinstein.  Ron Paul Gets it right with what the role of government is in this video.

More stuff on guns coming soon. I have a new site. I will link to it. when it is ready.  I will continue to blog about items here.  Yes I bought a domain. Thank you for reading and watching all these videos.

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