99% vs the 1%

Message From Youtube.

I said: “If Wal-mart is evil stop shopping at Wal-mart. we need to vote with our dollars. Every time we shop we need to vote with our dollars. We need to do more to show who is doing evil things. A man should be able to make as much money as they want. But no CEO should be able to take a bonus with they lose the company money. If you make 50 billion and you take a 5 billion dollar bonus that is fair right?
It is not wrong to make a lot of money. A person should be able to make as much as they want to make. But they need to earn it. ”

HE said:”Who is talking about Wal-mart? I’m talking about bailing out the wealthy, the wealth distribution to the wealthy, and the wealthy owning Congress. Use the Google and learn something.”

I said: “We agree that bailing out banks is wrong. We agree that wealthy people buying out congress is wrong. we need to end politicians raising money for their campaigns.

I see taxes as charity at gun point. If you don’t pay your taxes they will come to your house with guns. The Tax system has major issues. The biggest problem is the budget. We need to spend a lot less and pay off dept. First order of business Vote at every level of government and fire who ever is in. R or D they got to go! They do not care about us. They live in a fantasy land.

We pay too many taxes. We work to hard to give away to the government to piss away on programs you and I don’t like. We need to cut taxes but first we need to cut spending.

Rich people give jobs. Rich people put people to work when they buy their jets and big boats.

We can disagree about gay marriage but honestly who cares. What really matters is our debt, spending, and our budget. On those things we can agree as well as those others.

Do you watch South Park? There was the episode how everyone was like Wal-mart is evil and they found out that the heart of Wal-mart is a mirror. meaning you. If we want to stop the these corporations we must vote with our dollars.

Final thoughts: he did not answer back. Bail out’s are wrong. Why can’t he be a little nicer and explain things. Like how business are in bed with politicians. Being rude and angry earns you no points.  There are many things we can agree on. We should not focus on what divides us. Politicians want us divide. Thanks for reading this long boring post.

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