Important to be Humble it will get you far

Be humble, if you are too prideful to listen to others or ask for help, you are going no where. If you are shooting all over and even off the paper that is 21 feet away and some is explaining the basic to you, then you need to listen. There is nothing wrong with hearing the basic of shooting again. Don’t be offended. The basic of shooting are not kids stuff. The basic are things you need to have your mind all the time as you shoot. Hearing the basic again and again is good. You may know 90% of what shooting is, your going after that half a percentage point. When you hear it from some one else you get a different view point. I have so much to learn about the world of shooting. there is so much out there.
picture of a target

Don’t shut off from listening to others. You can learn something from a new shooter even. They may know less and they may even shoot poorly that is not a reason to not listen. Now when some tells you something you know is wrong, respectfully disagree. There is no need to argue or bash on them. Continue to listen. Know why they are wrong or why you are semi wrong too. Or why they are right for them. Have people watch you shoot, ask them what errors am I making. You may know the basic, but someone can see you doing them or not doing them. Being humble applies to everything you do in life. Thanks for reading.

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1 Response to Important to be Humble it will get you far

  1. gunrightsattorneys says:

    Good article, often times these days pride stands between one learning and not learning.

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