Why the 100oz Mug?

100 Ounce Mug handle in back from holiday

Drink a lot of water

Why on earth would you carry a 100 ounces mug with you? First we need to get some facts down.  Water is good to drink, better than soda. I drink water. I don’t drink soda. Reusing a container is good for the environment and it is way cheaper than buying bottle water. Filtering your own water can be as cheap as 2 cents a gallon vs $5 a gallon for bottle water. A insulated container is better at keeping water cold. A bottle or non insulated bottle the water gets warm pretty fast. My mug will still have ice in it for 24 hours. I wonder how long the ice would last if i was not drinking out of it?

Ice in a 100 Ounce Mug

Look at all that ice in this 100 ounce mug

Why 100 ounces and not 20 ounce mug. I work graveyard shift where I cannot leave for hours at a time. I have used a 52 ounce mug in the past and by mid shift I would be out of water. I would fill the mug up again and then the water would get warm when I had a few hours to go. This is no good. I had to find an upgrade, and there is was…. Behold the 100 ounce mug with a double insulated hull. Has a big handle it is heavy when it is full.

100 Ounce Mug handle from holiday

big ol handle

I got use to drinking water at another job were we had a water cooler and I miss it. now  there are no water coolers and it is up to you to provide your own water for a shift all night long, that is why I have gone with the 100 ounce mug. depending on what you do you could get away with 20 ounce.

I recommend that we should reuse a insulated container and drink water rather than soda. does it have to be 100 ounces? No. What works for you may not work for me.  Stay away from bad drinks. You know what they are and we don’t need to go into why soda is not good. We don’t need 30 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving. If you love soda and you just got to have I am fine with that. We don’t need a soda tax even tho it does not effect me. Having taxes on these things is ludicrous.

The Rapper Ludacris

Not this guy, cool Afro tho.

Thanks for reading this, it means a lot that people care about what I think. It is hard to get people to listen.


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6 Responses to Why the 100oz Mug?

  1. Mortar and Pistol says:

    Lol @ the Ludacris joke.

    I think I need to get a big ole mug like that

  2. Will says:

    Where did oyu get that mug? I want one bad.

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