The Gman out shooting, he needs Practice reloading.

I may have done a better job if i had my mag pouches as well a holster. well I was just out shooting and I brought the Camera along and I made some videos.  Also in other News I have a Tumblr Blog. In which I share stuff and Post stuff more often. WordPress is more for articles. Something to read. more in depth. I will continue to use both. I have been bad as of late about blogging here on WordPress, due to finals and Christmas time. Any ways please follow me on on Tumblr.

The Glockman1727ak47 Tumblr

Check it out!

Tumblr post with the video

About glockman1727ak47

This is my blog for all things Glockman1727ak47. I will share links to things that interests me. So check it out.
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