When there is no Money.

US debt clock logo

US debt clock logo

We are now 15 Trillion in the hole. Please don’t say in your mind it is now 16 trillion. The debt clock shows that state we are in. Things are bad. We like to think we can continue to do the things we want to do. We would be sick to find out that a military is not getting paid. But here are the facts when there is no money there is NO money. You cannot continue to keep writing and cashing checks when there is nothing left. As of right now there is no money left. Anything we get from here on out is a blessing. In ordered to pay our debts the government will destroy the value of our currency.

15 Trillions dollars of debt

15 Trillion in the hole

We need to start cutting program right now while we still have a choice. We have to balance the budget. Here is the real deal we are heading down this path that will end up at economic collapse so fast there is not much we can do about it. Our country’s liabilities are far more than our assets. Meaning if sold every thing we would not have enough money to cover it.

A picture of our assets vs liabilities

116 Trillion in liabilities

We can improve our lives and prepare for this. We as individuals can get out of debt. Have money set a side. I have no idea what economic collapse will look like. I don’t know how bad it will be. It could be hard, really hard or the end of the world as we know it. We don’t have control over what congress says … “that pizza is a vegetable”. We know this is foolish. We don’t need to agree on gay marriage or abortion. Fighting over those things get us no where and does not mean economic doom. We need to agree that spending more than you have to spend year after year is wrong. Ending the fed and changing what backs are currency may be part of the change. We must all agree that we need to pay off debt and balance the budget.

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