Greed ~is~ Good

Gordon Gekko from the movie wall street
Why is greed good? Why does greed work? Well we don’t all live in a fantasy land where everyone loves everyone and we do things out the kindness of our heart. Would I like to live there? Yes I would. We live in a world where people have their best interest at heart. We want to make money nothing wrong with making money. Some will do it at the cost of hurting others; that is wrong to hurt your fellow man. We can provide a service for others that benefits us. Other wise if there is no benefit than there is no service. That is why we are treated badly by low-level government employees  at  the DMV. That is why the line is long. “We make money by the hour and there is no competition” is their motto. There is no benefit for them to give good service. But think about service from a sales person. They are the most kind and friendly liars. So that is not right either. But on there part they do provide the best service. It is wrong for a sale person to make promises he knows his company cannot keep. Thus in the end the company loses a customer. This is why some companies give stock. To get the employee invested in company’s success.

Have you ever been Treated badly by a business owner? if you have you probably deserve it! We produce a service for our benefit and we should not do it at the cost of hurting others. This is why Small business is good. You get treated like the paying customer you are.  We need to take our dollar votes and vote out CEO and bad business. Vote them out with your dollars. That is where it hurts!

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