Making a Difference with our Dollar Votes

How do we make a difference with our money? Here is how I think it should work. We need to work together as a community and let each other know what business are up to. A mobile app would be fantastic to keep in touch with the community. Are you a developer? We should choose a business that is one of the bigger offenders of doing things wrong. Any time a CEO take a big bonus after loosing a company money they should be on this list.

a  sad picture of Tony Hayward.

Google image "dumbest CEO" and who do you see? Tony Hayward from BP

One week or one month we would put out as much information we can about how this business has done wrong and we are protesting it. Not a protest of signs but a protest of buying their product. We will hit them where it hurts. With not giving them our dollar votes until they make a change. We Can do this. One company at a time during the start.  Then as we strengthen and business see our power we can ask them to do things right. We can not abuse this power like the unions have to the auto industry.

a picture of protest

Protesting with a sign "you're doing it wrong" start protesting with dollar votes

The market should be driving where business go. The Role of Government is not to control the market. Governments only need to enforce the protection of individuals and businesses rights. By the people we can drive the market. Even if people don’t agree with our cause if we make a 10% difference in a company’s bottom line it hurts. If our numbers are small we may have to protest buying from that company for longer than a month. I think there are enough people out there that agree that these CEO are reaping that which they have not sown. We can make a difference.

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