I don’t like the New Youtube Look

They have changed the layout once again…. 😦 Youtube is better than Facebook about changing things. The related videos text is not as easy to read. I like seeing who the user is that uploaded the video and also the number of views that video had.  I like having that info. Oh well… no way they’ll change it back. Don’t tell me about the book “who moved my cheese” I like what works the new look does not work for me.

Picture of GlockBrothers Channel Page Youtube as of 11/6/2011Picture of GlockBrothers Channel Page Youtube as of 11/6/2011The reason I want to know who uploaded the video is because there are users on Youtube i can trust. We Trust blogs post more than the news channel. Even tho I am some dude you never meet but you know me. You read or seen me on Youtube and know what I have to say is real. I wanna know who putting that video out there. I am the Glockman, not some random person that you have no idea who they are. They have no context or good will.  You don’t know them, and they don’t want to know you. I do want to know you. I watch the videos of who I subscribe too. Be a fan. be a real fan. I want to get connected to my fans. Thanks for reading. The View is good know because when I am looking for a popular video.

I really wish it would stay this way…

The older look of youtube, funny to say old, Cause it not that old.

Oh so much better, I can read the name of video, and see who uploaded it


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