Tools for making your life better and not wasting time with Games

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

I am interested in making my life better. For instance “warning rant about apple” I don’t want an ipad or a smart phone with 500 games. This is not an improvement in my life. Games are a waste of time and should only play games when you have time. You Play games to relax. You don’t live to play games. Gary Vaynerchuk said “stop watching F@#%ing lost”  [You can watch the whole thing (recommended) or you can watch 14:18 and get the idea of what he is saying, Video below]” this applies because it is a waste of time. The show would go on for 100 seasons with no real plot if people kept watching. If you are waiting to get your car fixed at a shop I understand. (It would be better to plan do to do something you can work on) But Stay off the phone if you are out and about. When selling a product and you say there are 100,000 apps and 90% of them are games and flashlight apps. There is no value in that 90% Now if there is a G.P.S. app that helps you get from point A to point B that is value if can save you costly fuel.

I have an HTC EVO running Android. I am a fan of the Android software. I have a total of 3 games on my phone and I rarely play them. In fact it has been months. I think we should use are smart phones for making our lives simpler. That is what a tool is for.  Take 10 minutes to understand a new tool rather than wasting hours upon hours not knowing how the tool really works. I know some one with the same phone that I have and their phones battery only last 4 hours. That is not even using it, it only last four hours. On my phone just changing the settings I get my phone to last 2 days! Yes! My HTC EVO battery last 2 days. I am sure you can do more time. Now did I spend 10 minutes learning this. Honestly I have to say no. It did take more time then that. It is so worth it to take time to learn things. Don’t just play with it and think you know what you are doing. Look at how others do things. It can be as simple as cleaning a gun. There different ways of doing things. Your way for you is the best way for you. however there is value in learning for how others do things. Take more time then just playing with the object. Watch a video read an article(hey your doing that now great!).

This is a great video from Zombie Tactics. This channel has great content. I have subscribed to him on Youtube. This shows the “why” in why it is good to have many different point of views.

Doctrine, Dogma & the Momentum of Ideas

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