Open Carry

We have every right to open carry. U.S. Constitution should protect that right. Many states in the union have taken away those rights. The Federal Government should make those states uphold those rights. When we open carry we need to dress our best and look like police officers. Most concealed carry permit holders train more and shoot better than most of police officers yet they are way more likely to use it than those that open carry or conceal carry. The public needs to view and know that Concealed weapon permit holders are highly skill and trained even more then the police. I want more people to open carry.

a Picture of  a person with Open carry of a Glock

LG: looking good with the Glock.

Some say “it is bad to open carry people can take your gun away”If your in condition yellow how are they going come up on you? Be aware stay safe. Cops do get shot by there own guns all the time. I believe open carry can make you a target. but a criminal that see you with a gun will more than likely leave. Open carry does deter crime. We can’t have police every where but we can have more people that open carry.

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