Crazy Glock Brothers talking about Sight Picture.

The GlockBrothers back at it talking about sight pictures. This is one of the key basic you need to focus on.  Check these Glock Brothers out Doctors of sight picture. You need to know how to do it before you can do it! So how do you line up a sight picture correctly. well you want your front post to be level with your rear sight. and equal space on both sides of the front post.  Your Eye should focus on the front post. not your target. And your rear sight should be slightly out of focus. With your target out of focus this does not mean you don’t know what you are shooting at. Rule #4 Be sure of your target and what is beyond it!  See Four rules of gun safety  for more. And now on to the beloved Glock Brothers.

The GlockBorthers the Doctores of Sight picture

Oh my the Doctors are out! it is the Glock Brothers

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