Subsidized Stupidity

We have subsidized stupidity. We have been giving stupid people money. No longer do we learn from our mistake. Welfare does nothing to put you back on your feet but make you depend on a system. The system does nothing to get you back on your feet but to keep you depending upon the government. People need help not put in a financial prison. Teach a man to fish, not give him one.
Better to to teach a man to fish than to give a man a fish
If there was no unemployment money to be collected you would have to find a job or starve. During the great depression people would walk all around looking for a job or waiting by the loading docks for work. Today we have a two year safety net. No more safety nets. The role of Government is not to pay you when you lose a job. You should save your money and have your own safety net. No one care about you as much as you do. You know what is best for you. You know the needs you and your family have. Some one hundreds of miles away does not understand you as well as you do. Why should they be the ones to decide how much you get. You can decide how much you need to save in order to provide for you and your family.
Adam Carolla as the Slippery Slope Guy
No slippery slope argument. We do need some regulations, some laws, we do not need all the laws, and all the regulations that we have. The Direction we need to head is liberty. The Direction we are headed in currently is bigger Government more regulation more taxes. Spending is out of control. Even beloved Reagan was driving us off a cliff with spending. All the presidents have all the way back until Eisenhower. Some have been speeding things up others slowed us down and point us away from the cliff but we would still end up off the cliff. President Obama is driving faster and pointed right at cliff edge. We need to change direction we are going as a Nation. Turn this national bus around. Let people do what that want to do. When rights have been broken then punishment needs to happen. We need a shift towards rights based laws. As in no ones rights were harmed then no laws is broken.
a picture of Dwight Dean Eisenhower
We all would like to live in a utopia and we can move towards that. Turn the bus around and lets take a journey to where we are free of 90% of the taxes and regulations we have now. As of right now we need government, we just don’t need all of it. We need laws, we just don’t need all of them. We need some regulations. But lets turn the national bus around and head toward liberty. I know we can’t get to the wonderful land of utopia in 4 years. But we can start by driving that way. Don’t vote for a candidate who says “I well keep a check on taxes and government where they are.”you cant keep things where they are. You’re either going one way or the other way over time. Vote for some who will cut spending, cut taxes, cut regulation, and cut down on government.

The famous I Like Ike Button

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