Gun Store Story #2

Well you might be thinking this is about a gun store from the title and you should be right. but you are WRONG! ok that was not nice to shout at you. So lets get to the story. I was in Gunnies Orem Utah and and I was browsing around. What can I say, I like to look.  I over heard a guy say. “I am buying a gun today, I am not sure what one” I think hey this guy needs help. I wonder over and look at guns and he is talking back and forth with the gun store clerk. The Clerk was being very good at explaining features and all that good stuff that should be explained when buying a gun. Then he is planning on carrying it for concealed carry.  I mention how Glocks, XD’s, and S&W M&P are just fine.  The clerk was explaining these are safe and fine. I asked him if he had taken a class yet. He has not taken a class yet! Wait to buy the gun, take the class get your permit and save $7.50 on the background check. Call me cheap but i have saved a lot this way. This guy was not even sure on what caliber to get. By now this guy looks like a kid/child and he wanted gun with a hammer. The clerk asked him why and he did not know. I pointed out there are chamber indicators on the XD and Glocks. The XD also has the Caught indicator in the back. I also mention to him he should look at some reviews online. He look at me like “F you old man your not gonna tell me what to do”

Cocked indicator Springfield  armory XD

Cocked indicator Springfield armory XD (up that means it is ready to rock)

This post is getting too long.  The point is don’t buy a gun when you have no clue what you are doing and what you like. Don’t buy a gun unless you know what gun you want. You need to do research. You need to read blog(like this one! So good for you) watch some nutnfancy videos. This kid, this boy I bet has not even thought about all the legal stuff involved with carrying a gun. You need to be mature enough that you can listen to others.  a good leader will look at all the facts before making a decision. If you like something. then you like it and there is nothing wrong with that. You do need to know the why.  Think about the POU(philosophy of use) and “2nd kind of cool”

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3 Responses to Gun Store Story #2

  1. Mortar and Pistol says:

    Sounds like he went in thinking he’d just buy a gun, in that vague general sense, and didn’t have a clue about firearms. Did he end up buying it?

  2. Mortar and Pistol says:

    Or buying a gun, I mean? If so, what did he end up with?

  3. I was in there a good 15-20 minutes. He looked at a lot of guns. I left before he bought one. Silly kid if you ask me.

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