Snap caps a great Training tool with a video of Glockbrothers

Snap caps are a great Training tool. You can do lots of practice with them. They help you master your trigger Control. Build confidence in a new shooter. If some is afraid of guns snap caps help them get over that fear. You can teach them safety with no danger.  Snap caps are very worth while. I wish they were cheaper like 20 cents a round rather than three dollars a round.  The Glockbrothers do it again talking about snap caps. Glock Brothers are so funny.

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2 Responses to Snap caps a great Training tool with a video of Glockbrothers

  1. Mortar and Pistol says:

    Never heard of them before this but damn, $3 a round???

  2. It is 15$ for 5 bullets. according to their site the are individually CNC machined. CNC machining cost money. Made of aluminum. The anodized with a hard-coat finish does sadly flake off with heavy use. The Magpul are plastic injection molded. like 2 cents a thing yet they are 4$. I don’t blame the companies for wanting to make a buck. I blame the government and all the regulations that these small companies have to comply with.

    even at 3$ a round they are worth it. You can get a lot of training out of them. Master that trigger control.

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