“Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us”

This is very powerful stuff. Once again this is the direction we need to head in. Freedom Liberty. Less Government, less regulations, less taxes.  “Passing a bill so then we can know what is in” that is foolishness. Forcing and taking control of people is not the answer. President Reagan knew that private sector does it better than any government!  Nancy Pelosi is out of touch. I can’t believe people in California have kept her in office. The Government is a reflection on the people. It is our government and we need to change it by voting at ever level of government if it is city or the president we need to vote.

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2 Responses to “Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us”

  1. Moderation in all things. You can’t have complete deregulation. You can’t have complete anything. From one side to the other you can’t go to the extreme either way. The tax code is too complicated, federal government is too big & to say that our liberties are small is an ignorant statement. If you have read the founding documents it guarantees everyone “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The founding fathers made this country as democracy. From the people does the real power come, including change. Whether the government is more or less involved in our lives is the choice of the people. It seems that you enjoy the conservative/republican outlook on politics. I implore you to not fall to any -ism where you must accept all to belong. You have to get the roots of political thought and see the pros and cons of every issue on the ballot.

  2. We do need some regulations. But we can’t act like “slippery slope guy” type it in on Google. You’ll see the ace man Adam Carolla talk about it(very funny stuff) The direction we need to head in is less Government, less regulation, then = less taxes.

    The Direction we are headed in currently is bigger Government more regulation more taxes. Spending is out of control. Even beloved Reagan was driving us off a cliff with spending. All the presidents have all the way back til Ike. President Obama may be driving faster and pointed right at cliff edge. We need to change direction we are going as a Nation.

    The republicans don’t stand for me nor do they vote in my favor. They do what is best for them. Senator Hatch as got to go. Republicans and democrats want us to pick a side and then we can have class warfare and play the blame game. They win while they stay in power and we the people loose.

    Troy please post the pros and cons. Way in on these issues. There are many different views and it is a great idea to hear from all of them.

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